Choose the Wilson®, SSK, Glovesmith, Mizuno, or Rawlings custom glove, each handcrafted to your specification.

Wilson® Custom Gloves

Wilson – The Official Ball Glove of Major League Baseball®

mizuno glovesOver 50 years ago, Wilson forever changed baseball with the creation of the first glove designed to meet the player's needs – the A2000®. As the Official Ball Glove of Major League Baseball® and USA Baseball®, Wilson is the most trusted name among legendary players and future All Stars. Dedicated to innovation, Wilson has introduced the most extensive custom glove builder available. Now you can create a Wilson Custom A2000 that not only represents the best in fit, form, and function but also your personality and style of play. Show your team pride and design a glove with custom colors – everything from the leather and lacing to the logo and stitching.

SuperSkin™, a leather alternative, is available on all Wilson Custom A2000s. It is two times stronger than leather and half the weight. On gloves made with SuperSkin, Pro Stock™ leather is used in the palm, web, and lining of the glove, as well as throughout the construction while SuperSkin is used on the back to shorten break in times, lower your response time, and repel moisture.

Wilson Custom A2000s are available in Baseball, Fastpitch, and Showcase (for smaller hands) styles. Don't forget to check out the Game Model and MLB team gloves! The cost is $349.99 delivered anywhere in the continental U.S.

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SSK Custom Gloves

mizuno glovesAn Old Classic

After a number of years of not being available in the U.S., SSK is back! is proud to be the sole distributor of the SSK Custom Glove in the United States. You cannot buy these "top of the line" gloves anywhere else and we are more than happy to offer them to our customers. We feel these gloves offer the best glove for your custom glove dollar. SSK offers many custom options, including thumb windows (a place for your uniform #), a vast selection of web styles and even a personalized bag to put your glove in.

The SSK Customs are available in 2 series. The PRO Series and the TITLE Series. The PRO series gloves are made for high end players. They are a stiff glove that requires considerable break-in. The customization options are numerous and you can design these gloves to be as unique as you are. These are the same gloves the pros are using. These gloves carry a 2-year warranty, and the cost is $299 delivered anywhere in the continental U.S.

Then there is the TITLE Series. This is a less stiff glove made for players who want the SSK quality but don't want to spend much time breaking the glove in. There are not as many custom options as the PRO Series, but most of the popular choices are available. These gloves have a 1-year warranty and cost $219.00 delivered in the continental U.S.

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Rawlings Custom Gloves

mizuno glovesThe glove of choice for more Pros than any other brand!

One glove drives the on-field performance of the best in the game. These gloves are customized with position-specific innovations developed by Rawlings because the demands of each position were not created equally. offers the "Heart of the Hide" series of Rawlings Custom gloves. This is the most extensive custom glove program in the business. More colors, finger hoods, flags, etc. This program has it all. If you want to design a glove for yourself that more Rawlings Gold Glove winners prefer than any other mitt, then this is your program. These gloves are cut from the same dies used to cut the gloves of Derek Jeter, Justin Verlander, Alex Rodriguez, Tim Lincecum, Matt Kemp, Albert Pujols, etc.

When Rawlings set out to design the "best baseball glove ever made," the "Pro Preferred" Series was created. Rawlings uses the most popular patterns, Kipskin leather for the outer shell, Deerskin for the linings, and the strongest laces made. They only utilize glove makers with over 10 years of experience to manufacture these gloves. The gloves are handcrafted by the best of the best.


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rawlings gloves


Glovesmith Custom Gloves

mizuno glovesAn American Tradition has been the leading distributor of Glovesmith Custom baseball and softball gloves since 1995. We've been outfitting ball players around the nation with the best gloves money can buy. Each of our Glovesmith gloves is handcrafted from 100% American steerhide (no vinyl) and comes with a two-year guarantee. Base price is $229.99 for a Glovesmith Custom Select and $269.99 for the Glovesmith Custom Elite. This price includes shipping in the continental U.S. So if you're ready to take your defensive game to a higher level ...

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Glovesmith Custom Gloves for Youth

mizuno glovesGive them the upper hand

Aspiring young ball players deserve a glove that meets the level of their talent. Give them a glove customized just for them. Glovesmith provides custom gloves in youth sizes 10.25-inch, and 11-inch. Each Youth Custom Glove is built with pro patterns, steerhide shells, deer-tanned linings, 1/4-inch lacing on the web and finger tops, pro felt padding, palm pads, and triple-stitched back welt. These excellent gloves come with a two-year guarantee. Base price is $229.99 for a Youth Custom Glove

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Mizuno Custom Gloves

mizuno glovesSerious Performance

Mizuno is Japan's leading glove manufacturer. Players like Ichiro Suzuki, Matt Cain, and Ian Desmond all trust their defensive game to their Mizuno glove. U.S. Olympic Gold Medal Winners Jenny Finch and Natasha Watley are exclusive Mizuno users.

We offer the Mizuno Custom Classic Pro Series of baseball custom gloves. This series is an upgrade over previous models, offering the best in craftsmanship, fit and performance in a pro-level glove and features rich, natural leathers tanned in the USA. The Mizuno Custom Classic Pro is the best custom baseball glove Mizuno has ever offered. Mizuno also features the Mizuno Fastpitch line for female athletes. Cost including shipping is $249.99 for both the Baseball and the Fastpitch Customs.

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